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Can unified communications make simple project management?

Our general unified communications expert explains how the technology can be used to make project management simple.

Can simple project management be gained through unified communications and collaboration (UCC) or any component of this type of solution? If so, how? How are project management and UCC related?

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Unified communications can remove a layer from the traditional voice system. In particular, one advantage is that you can use VoIP phones over traditional structured data cabling. From a pure install perspective, you don't have to coordinate telco resources; instead, you can use your data personnel to handle rollouts. Since standards call for two fully terminated outlets (all four pairs terminated) at the work area, adding a new phone is as simple as plugging it in and configuring it -- which makes for simple project management. In a traditional install, one would need to coordinate analog cabling personnel to punch down the pairs, then someone in telco to set up voice mailboxes, etc. When it all becomes one IP system, then the installation is just like adding a laptop in many ways. Of course, it also depends on the project you are undertaking.

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