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Can an ISDN phone be used with Asterisk?

Can an ISDN phone be used with Asterisk?

Asterisk claims to interconnect SIP, H.323, MGCP-based devices and ISDN BRI/PRI gateways with Q931 signaling.

Can an ISDN phone be used with Asterisk? Can Asterisk provide interworking between SIP phones/ATAs and ISDN BRI gateways?

Or should I use a "soft" PBX solution that I know is capable of supporting the DSS1(Q931) features?

There are no ISDN to SIP gateway solutions on the market to my knowledge that provide that level of interworking for ISDN. Another option is to keep those ISDN phones on the legacy PBX and link the legacy PBX to the Asterisk through a gateway (e.g. SIP to QSIG).

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