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Can a PRI T1 be used for internet access?

Can a PRI T1 be used for internet access?

In a VoIP telephone equipment environment, the user has outbound, inbound 800 and internet access. A PRI T1 is needed for Caller ID etc, of the new telephone system. Can a PRI T1 be used for internet access? The user is saying they need a PRI T1 and a T1 both.
Depending upon the offering from the provider, a single T1 may be divided to support both voice and data. The provider typically puts equipment on the customer premises to allow this. Basically, out of the 23 channels on the T1 a certain number are used for a fractional PRI T1 link. The rest of the channels are used for data traffic to the Internet. A common protocol used over this group of channels is Point to Point Protocol (PPP). Now, this may be suitable for an small and medium-size business (SMB) but as the company becomes larger they would want a separate PRI T1 for voice and a separate T1, strictly to run PPP, for data.

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