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Can VaaS integrate in an on-premises environment?

Can VaaS be integrated into an on-premises environment? Expert Stephen K. Campbell says it can and explains how.

Integrating cloud-based VaaS with existing on-premises video conference systems is a common application for VaaS.

Cloud-based Video as a Service (VaaS) products may be used standalone or in conjunction with existing on-premises video conferencing equipment. For organizations with existing video infrastructure, VaaS can be used to grow a system without requiring a heavy capital investment. For example, when an acquisition is made, a company could video-enable the newly acquired organization to facilitate the integration process. VaaS could also be used to rapidly scale up a video deployment if capital budget is not available or as a team tool when partnering with an external contractor.

VaaS offerings typically integrate easily with existing environments for video as well as other commonly used tools. For example, Fuze integrates with video endpoints from Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize, and offers an on-premises solution called Fuze for Rooms. There is a Fuze client for PCs, laptops and mobile devices. Fuze supports scheduling through Outlook or Google Calendar and supports Lync chat.

Blue Jeans Network stresses the interoperability of its solutions with existing H.323/SIP room and telepresence systems as well as Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber. Blue Jeans also supports joining meetings via Android or iOS mobile clients, web browsers and other soft clients such as Polycom RealPresence, LifeSize Softphone and Avaya Scopia.

There are many VaaS providers and products. Most vendors offer free trials, and, generally, pricing is quite attractive. VaaS may be a good choice to extend or supplement an existing video system or even to provide a complete service for new video implementations.

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