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Can UC traffic be mined for big data business intelligence?

Learn how unified communications traffic contributes to big data, and how it can give organizations business intelligence.

Does unified communications traffic contribute to big data? If so, can it be mined for better big data business intelligence?

This would certainly vary between sources, what you chose to track and your rights to the data itself. For example, UC vendor Avaya believes that big data is key for unified communications because the data mined from unified communications traffic and contact centers could give customers better experiences. Similarly, this news article believes that big data is the largest unexploited source of business intelligence. All unified communications traffic is currently unstructured data -- meaning traffic like video, social media comments and text messages are not incorporated into corporate databases. If UC traffic were accounted for, businesses could better serve their customers. While most of today's big data comes from structured data, analytics companies are finding ways to garner information from unstructured data, like unified communications traffic, to eventually become part of big data business intelligence, which can greatly improve business processes.

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