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Can UC technology be tied to a smart grid system?

Can utility companies tie UC technology to a smart grid system? Expert Carrie Higbie explains how they already have.

Can utilities companies tie unified communications (UC) technologies into a smart grid system? What benefits would doing this bring an enterprise?

I'm going to say utility companies have already tied UC to smart grid systems. If you think of the smart grid, much of the smart generation is based on monitoring and communications between providers. The intelligent meters communicate, but the information is of no value if it isn't both actionable and communicated. Since all of this information provides data about outages, preventive maintenance and other tasks, these are easily communicated via UC technology to teams at any time.

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Probably the best scenario for UC technology in a smart grid system would be in the event of a disaster. You should check out some of the great work by the Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management Association, which focuses on the design, development and deployment of information systems to manage emergency response to crises such as natural disasters. In a disaster, there is a lot of information that needs to be communicated to multiple people quickly. While a smart grid system is only part of the recovery effort, UC is one tool to facilitate communications.

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