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Basic VoIP network setup

Basic VoIP network setup advice.

I want to know the basic setup of an IP phone network on both of the receiving ends. How and where should it be connected and should both ends have an IP phone or even an analog phone connected so the network works? Also, I would like to know what the charges would be if we call from an IP phone to a normal land line?

You will have IP phones on both ends and an IP PBX to handle the call routing. As for the charges for calling a land line, that will depend entirely on where you are calling and what equipment is on the other end. For instance if you had an IP PBX in London and also one in the U.S., you could route the calls over IP to the other end and then it would be treated as local if it was, in fact, a local call at the remote end. Outside of that, it will depend entirely on your carrier and rates they charge.

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