Mobile unified communications (UC) cheat sheet

Make sure you understand all aspects of mobile unified communications (UC) in the enterprise. Brush up on your knowledge of mobile UC deployment, mobile security and how mobile UC fits with VoIP and VoWLAN with this organized collection of resources.

Mobile unified communications (UC) is a great way for any company to boost employee efficiency. From mobile desk phones to smartphones, mobile UC allows companies from SMBs to enterprises to keep track of their employees' whereabouts, to reduce communication costs with mobile messaging (instead of wasting cell phone minutes), and to be in constant communication with important contacts. Essentially, it allows employees to take their jobs on the go.

In this cheat sheet, we've organized some of our best content on mobility into several categories: mobile UC deployment strategies, managing mobile UC and VoIP, fixed-mobile convergence, VoWLAN, dual-mode/smartphones and mobile devices, and mobile collaboration. Make sure you know everything there is to know about mobile UC, and test your knowledge in our mobile UC study guide.


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Mobile UC cheat sheet table of contents
  Mobile UC deployment strategies
  Managing UC and VoIP
  Fixed mobile convergence
  Dual-mode or smartphones and mobile devices
  Mobile collaboration

Mobile UC deployment strategies

Cisco Motion could mean big changes down the road for UC
Find out how Cisco Motion's newest appliance increases mobility and adds to UC deployment strategies.

Gartner: UC remains a 2009 strategic priority, but with changed emphasis
UC strategy in 2009 will evolve to include projects focused on short ROI. Learn how mobility fits into this.

Mobile UC solution provides seamless coverage, enhanced voice quality
In this case study, read how a mobile UC solution provided the coverage and voice quality needed for Anthony Marano Co.

IT can't let users drive mobile unified communications strategy
While mobility is a user-oriented aspect of UC, it is important for a company not to allow users to drive UC strategy.

Defining mobile IT solutions
This Mobile Insights series examines different mobile IT strategies and how to ensure efficient mobile UC for an enterprise.

Mobility: Past, present and future
Find out what mobility expert Craig Mathias is predicting for 2009 for mobile UC and how it can help with your corporate mission in terms of improving productivity, lowering costs and gaining a competitive advantage.

Strategic planning for mobile applications
Mobility introduces new possibilities for communication and collaboration by extending access to existing enterprise applications to mobile devices. Learn the best practices for planning mobile applications in this Expert Lesson.

Managing mobile UC and VoIP

Developing and instituting corporate mobile device policies
A bad corporate mobile device policy can put an enterprise at risk of losing data and of other mobile UC security breaches. In this Expert Lesson, learn the best practices for creating mobile device policies for an enterprise.

Mobile UC security is tricky, but basic IP networking is a good start
Mobile device security is becoming a priority as UC goes wireless, but the move to IP can prove a boon to beleaguered administrators.

Prevent mobile malware: Learn how to protect your enterprise and devices
Learn how to defend your company's mobile UC structure from malware with on-device defenses and defenses in the cloud.

Hosted VoIP service unifies communications
Find out how a hosted VoIP service helped SMBs break into a market that had previously been enjoyed only by enterprises.

Fixed-mobile convergence

Definition: Fixed-mobile convergence
What is fixed-mobile convergence?

Definition: Enterprise-mobile integration (EMI)
What is enterprise-mobile integration?

How does fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) play into leveraging wireless UC solutions?
Find out how fixed-mobile convergence can play into your mobile UC strategy in this expert answer from Caroline Gabriel.

Getting ready for fixed-mobile convergence
Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) will integrate mobile phones with your PBX, enable unified communications, and reduce cellular minute usage. In this tip, Paul DeBeasi looks at FMC deployment options and equipment and discusses what you need to do to get your enterprise ready for FMC.


Definition: VoWLAN
What is VoWLAN?

The role of VoWLAN solutions
Learn about voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) deployment from this chapter excerpt, which details specific instances of VoWLAN deployment success.

Voice over WLANs: Markets that benefit from VoWLAN solutions
Read examples of several vertical markets that benefit from wireless LAN voice networks.

Determining VoWLAN solution ROI
Learn about deploying a VoWLAN system and how to determine implementation ROI, as well as the considerations you should take into account when planning a VoWLAN deployment.

VoWLAN system analysis improves hospital's productivity
Find out how a VoWLAN system can actually save lives in a healthcare environment.

VoWLAN, IP DECT devices connect campus nomads
VoWLAN and IP DECT devices help connect the latest mobile worker: the campus nomad.

Dual-mode or smartphones and mobile devices

Definition: Smartphone
What is a smartphone?

Avaya and DiVitas forge dual-mode fixed-mobile convergence partnership
IP PBX and unified communications vendor Avaya recently announced a deep partnership with DiVitas, a developer of dual-mode fixed-mobile convergence technology.

Maturing Wi-Fi cellular convergence options push UC forward
Find out how dual-mode Wi-Fi/cellular phones can simplify communications by eliminating one gadget and adding extra mobility.

Can I configure mobile VoIP on my company smartphone?
Learn how to configure VoIP on your own smartphone when away on business or traveling.

Using the iPhone in the enterprise
Is the iPhone ready for mainstream corporate use? Zeus Kerravala discusses whether the iPhone is ready for the enterprise -- or vice versa.

Is the iPhone a good choice for my business?
Find out the pros and cons of using an iPhone for business purposes.

Slightly clunky mobile VoIP finds only niche usage in enterprises
While showing great promise, mobile VoIP has seen only niche usage in today's enterprise. Find out why in this news article.

As unified communications moves toward a software-based solution, do you see an end to the use of certain hardware tools, such as the desk phone?
Find out what expert Tony Bradley thinks the future holds for the desk phone.

Mobile collaboration

Mobile video could transform field service operations
Mobile video tutorials and guidance could transform field service communications when the cellular networks are ready.

Mobile video conferencing and interactive multimedia
Download this chapter excerpt to learn about different situations where mobile video conferencing increased efficiency at a business.

For enterprises, mobile unified communications is still about the basics
Find out why it's important to emphasize the basics in an enterprise mobile UC strategy.

Mobile instant messaging enhances a company's business processes
Find out how mobile IM's security and convenience can increase productivity and sales for companies.

Mobile messaging for the enterprise
Mobile messaging, mobile voice and instant messaging continue to grow as popular communications media, yet many enterprises are still far behind user demand. This Mobile Insights series will help you understand mobile messaging and its role in mobile UC.

Which mobile UC application or technology should I be looking into now if my goal is to cut down on phone tag and "human latency?"
Find out what expert Caroline Gabriel thinks you should do to cut down on human latency when it comes to mobile UC.

Microsoft unveils unified communications devices
Microsoft announced the release of 15 UC-optimized devices back in 2007, bringing the focus to mobility integrated in a UC strategy.

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