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Slack aims to improve interfaces of third-party apps

A new framework for building third-party apps for Slack could help developers design simpler, more interactive Slack integrations.


Why desk phones for business are not dead yet

Desk phones seem to be going the way of the Dodo in favor of softphones and mobile clients. But research suggests organizations are finding new ways to use desk phones for business.


Avaya misses earnings target in first quarter

Avaya revenue fell short of projections for the first quarter of fiscal 2019, as the company continues to focus on selling more software and services.


How do you manage E911 location tracking for VoIP?

The rules around E911 location tracking have evolved as more businesses move away from traditional wired connections to VoIP. Here's how to stay compliant with FCC regulations.

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Unified Communications Basics

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    3 ways to build a modern contact center

    Organizations that want to offer a modern contact center experience can turn to AI, messaging apps and UC to improve agent productivity and customer service.

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    Using MOS to measure voice quality

    Looking to improve the quality of voice calls? Learn which mean-opinion-score models measure and rate the user experience and the factors that influence voice quality.

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    What are the use cases for speech technology?

    Speech technology applications aren't confined to contact centers. Our expert explains the use cases for the technology, including personal digital assistants and knowledge management.

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