VoIP Protocols

  • VoIP protocol insecurity

    Like many Internet protocols, SIP was designed with simplicity, not security, in mind. And, although H.323 was created to meet broader goals, security issues have plagued it as well. Expert Lisa Phifer examines some of the vulnerabilities in this ...  Continue Reading

  • SIP interoperability and testing

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol typically used for telephony, instant messaging and Internet conferencing. This article discusses the interoperability and testing being done to support this protocol.  Continue Reading

  • SIP paving the way for real-time media

    IETF developed SIP, the text-based protocol, specifically to address distributed applications of the IP world. expert, Sanjeev Sawai, explains why SIP will be the catalyst for application-level innovation in the near future.  Continue Reading

  • CDP and multi-vendor networks don't mix

    Cisco switches and CDP go hand-in-hand, but when non-Cisco switches and CDP meet, interesting things happen.  Continue Reading

  • Expectations of E911

    E911 regulations are on the way. And while the issue is more pressing for general consumer VoIP services, until the technology catches up, corporations need to limit their liability with regard to 911 calls.  Continue Reading

  • SIP, don't gulp

    SIP will be important enough that it should be part of your network applications, but don't get too carried away with it yet.  Continue Reading