Tandberg Total Telepresence 2009
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  • 2009

Cisco Unified Communications 2009

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Tandberg Total Telepresence 2009

Tandberg Total Telepresence 2009

Tandberg Total Telepresence tied for the bronze award in video conferencing. Like the product it shares this award with, Total Telepresence provides the lifelike experience of face-to-face meetings, from high-definition displays and surround sound to digital microphones and room-control systems.

Tandberg recently announced that its Total Telepresence is interoperable with Polycom's telepresence systems. Being interoperable with other standards-based systems is part of Tandberg's philosophy of providing simple-to-use products that work well both inside and between companies.

More than 70% of Product Leadership survey respondents gave the product four or five stars for its ability to deliver ROI and soft benefits, and 70% of respondents scored the product equally high in voice and video quality.

A large percentage of respondents ranked Tandberg's Total Telepresence high on both end-user ease of use and ease of installation, configuration and administration. Tandberg provides administrators with network assessment and provisioning tools to better ensure high quality and reliability.

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