Nortel IP phones 2009
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Nortel IP phones 2009

Nortel IP phones 2009

Nortel Networks is's Product Leadership bronze award winner for 2009 in the IP phones category. Nortel's IP phones include an IP conference phone series, but its most basic IP phone is the 1100 series, with basic features such as data and Web-based application support. The LG-Nortel 8800 series is the most advanced of the enterprise products, offering up to 20 call features and video capabilities on some phones.

IP phones from the beleaguered equipment manufacturer scored high for voice quality, with 87% of readers giving them four or five stars on our five-star scale. They also performed relatively well in terms of end-user ease of use, with 63% of respondents awarding them four or five stars. However, the phones' features and services got mediocre scores, with 41% of respondents giving them three stars or fewer.

Nortel IP phones, like the other award winners in our program, scored lowest in their ability to run native and third-party applications. Seventy percent of respondents gave the phones three stars or fewer on that criterion, with one reader commenting that Nortel IP phones are "great phones, but on the outside when it comes to third-party applications."

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