Microsoft SharePoint 2009
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  • 2009

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Microsoft SharePoint 2009

Microsoft SharePoint 2009

SharePoint from Microsoft earned our bronze award, winning high marks for its ability to improve end-user productivity and ease of use. Microsoft's SharePoint provides users with a familiar user interface that tightly integrates business data, workflow processes, tracking, reporting and other useful collaboration tools.

SharePoint offers an expansive portfolio of collaboration tools, including the ability to create real-time, interactive business intelligence portals providing dashboards, Web parts, scorecards, key performance indicators and business data connectivity technologies.

More than 60% of the respondents to our Product Leadership survey awarded SharePoint four or more stars for its ability to improve end-user productivity. One reader commented that SharePoint is the best-in-breed in the Microsoft environment. SharePoint also scored top marks for end-user ease of use, but some respondents did note that SharePoint is complex and requires training to master all of the potential of the product.

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