Citrix GoToMeeting 2009
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Citrix GoToMeeting 2009

Citrix GoToMeeting 2009

Real-time collaboration tools leverage IP and presence, setting a precedent for innovative workflow by employing active, real-time participation. Moving beyond IM and Web conferencing, real-time collaboration tools make interacting with colleagues, customers and suppliers nearly effortless, while paving a smooth road for innovation and creative collaboration.

With tools like application and desktop sharing, social networking apps, group chats, co-browsing, shared bookmarks, wikis and blogs, real-time collaboration tools can sometimes prove more efficient than face-to-face meetings. Real-time collaboration tools provide a global environment, bringing together the right people to share their experience and expertise without the time and expense of travel.'s 2009 Product Leadership gold award winner for real-time collaboration tools is GoToMeeting by Citrix. In seconds, users can download GoToMeeting, connect with colleagues and share information. Users can distribute presentations and collaborate on documents within the confines of a highly secure environment.

In our Product Leadership survey, 48% of respondents gave GoToMeeting four stars, and 33% rated the product five stars out of five for end-user ease of use. Survey respondents said that GoToMeeting was easier to use than other tools they had tried, such as Live Meeting and WebEx, and consequently they used it several times a week.

More than 80% of respondents rated GoToMeeting's ability to improve end-user productivity with four stars or more, and 70% awarded the product either four or five stars for ease of installation, configuration and administration. Two thirds of respondents also gave GoToMeeting high marks for integration and compatibility with existing systems.

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