AT&T Connect 2009
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AT&T Connect 2009

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AT&T Connect 2009

AT&T Connect 2009

Video conferencing is paving the way for more efficient and effective collaboration. Video conferencing consistently tops the ranks as a key driver to unified communications among companies looking to optimize communications and business processes while cutting costs. With video conferencing prices coming down and quality on the rise, many companies consider this technology a "must have" regardless of the current state of the economy.

By using video conferencing, companies can reduce travel expenses and bring together geographically dispersed teams, including customers and suppliers, in a real-time, face-to-face setting. This enhanced communication environment enables participants to experience verbal and non-verbal communications, which can be crucial when closing a sales cycle or arriving at a consensus. With additional features like desktop and file sharing and other collaborative applications, companies are finding video conferencing even more powerful than onsite meetings. The virtual workspace is, at last, a feasible -- and reliable -- reality.

AT&T's Connect is this year's recipient of's 2009 gold award in video conferencing. Connect integrates voice, Web and video conferencing, providing enterprises with the core benefits of video conferencing, such as enhanced productivity, improved time to market, better customer service and the power of immediate collaboration.

Seventy-two percent of our Product Leadership survey respondents gave AT&T's Connect four or five stars (on a scale from one to five) for voice and video quality, with nearly 40% of those a five-star rating. AT&T touts Connect's excellence in providing enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance. Survey results indicate that users agree, calling Connect a "robust, solid product."

Scalability, reliability and performance are unquestionably crucial, but if users are unable to grasp the interface and launch a conference easily, reliability and performance are a moot point. AT&T's Connect was rated four or five stars by more than 70% of survey respondents in ease of configuration, installation and administration. Sixty-three percent ranked end-user ease of use at four or five stars.

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