VoIP QoS and Performance

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  • Open Settlement Protocol (OSP)

    Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) is a client-server protocol that manages access control, accounting, usage data and inter-domain routing to make it easier for Internet service providers to support IP telephony. 

  • Jingle protocol

    Jingle is a family of signaling protocols for initiating and managing peer-to-peer (P2P) media sessions over the Internet.  

  • Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi)

    Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi) is a peer-to-peer system for translating phone numbers and internal extensions to voice over IP (VoIP) addresses. 

  • cord cutting

    Cord cutting, in a telecommunications context, is the practice of stopping a cable or  satellite television service in favor of less expensive options, or getting rid of your landline phone and relying solely on cellular or VoIP (voice over IP) servi... 

  • mean opinion score (MOS)

    In voice communications, particularly Internet telephony, the mean opinion score (MOS) provides a numerical measure of the quality of human speech at the destination end of the circuit. 

  • VoIP (voice over IP)

    VoIP (voice over IP) is an IP telephony term for a set of facilities used to manage the delivery of voice information over the Internet. (Continued...) 

  • QoS (Quality of Service)

    On the Internet and in other networks, QoS (Quality of Service) is the idea that transmission rates, error rates, and other characteristics can be measured, improved, and, to some extent, guaranteed in advance. 

  • vishing (voice or VoIP phishing)

    Vishing is an electronic fraud tactic in which individuals are tricked into revealing critical financial or personal information to unauthorized entities... (Continued) 

  • Power over Ethernet podcast

    This podcast discusses the emergence of Power over Ethernet and its many benefits to enterprise networks. Is the technology ready yet for mainstream adoption? Is it ready yet for your network? Let's find out… 

About VoIP QoS and Performance

Ensuring VoIP QoS (quality of service) is vital to IP telephony networks. Learn how to optimize VoIP performance and ensure users are experiencing the call quality they expect. This section covers common voice over IP problems like VoIP packet loss, jitter, latency and echo, and VoIP management best practices to minimize or eliminate them. It also explains how to accurately calculate bandwidth requirements for VoIP and implement QoS mechanisms for prioritizing voice traffic on the enterprise network.