IP Telephony Systems

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  • Five trends changing the game for UC

    The world of networking is facing major change with innovation in unified communications, wireless optimization and software-defined networking. In this issue of Network Evolution, we explore five trends and technologies that will forever chan... 

  • Open Settlement Protocol (OSP)

    Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) is a client-server protocol that manages access control, accounting, usage data and inter-domain routing to make it easier for Internet service providers to support IP telephony. 

  • cord cutting

    Cord cutting, in a telecommunications context, is the practice of stopping a cable or  satellite television service in favor of less expensive options, or getting rid of your landline phone and relying solely on cellular or VoIP (voice over IP) servi... 

  • voicemail preview

    Voicemail preview is a feature of unified messaging, and in particular voice-to-text messaging programs such as Microsoft Exchange. When voicemail preview is enabled, users can see a short summary of each message's contents, so that the messages can ... 

  • voicemail

    Voicemail is a method of storing voice messages electronically for later retrieval by intended recipients. Callers leave short messages that are stored on digital media (or, in some older systems, on analog recording tape). 

  • auto attendant (automated attendant)

    An automated attendant (AA) is a telephony system that transfers incoming calls to various extensions as specified by callers, without the intervention of a human operator. An AA may also be called a virtual receptionist. Most AAs can route calls to ... 

  • Microsoft Lync Server

    Microsoft Lync Server is enterprise software that provides a platform for unified communications (UC). Lync Server provides an infrastructure to integrate common channels of business communication including instant messaging (IM), VoIP (voice over IP... 

  • mean opinion score (MOS)

    In voice communications, particularly Internet telephony, the mean opinion score (MOS) provides a numerical measure of the quality of human speech at the destination end of the circuit. 

  • private branch exchange (PBX)

    A PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between enterprise users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. 

  • VoIP (voice over IP)

    VoIP (voice over IP) is an IP telephony term for a set of facilities used to manage the delivery of voice information over the Internet. (Continued...) 

  • IP address (Internet Protocol Address)

    The Internet Protocol (IP) is the method or protocol by which data is sent from one computer to another on the Internet. 

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  • Top cloud-based telephony and UC providers

    If you are thinking of hosted PBX solutions or outsourcing your companies' communications, consider these top cloud-based telephony and UC providers. 

  • Reality Check: Should you invest in IP PBX now, later or not at all?

    In this podcast, Tony Bradley discusses the importance of IP PBXs and the future of PBXs in unified communications (UC). He also discusses how top UC vendors (Microsoft, IBM, Nortel, etc.) view the IP PBX as part of a UC strategy, and the best practi... 

  • Reality Check: Can you have UC without VoIP/IP PBX?

    In this podcast, Tony Bradley discusses what unified communications (UC) really means and whether or not VoIP/IP PBX is a prerequisite. Tony also examines the process of implementing UC and explains why he favors a phased process over a full deployme... 

About IP Telephony Systems

This page offers product news and advice to help select the right enterprise IP telephony hardware, software or services. You'll find resources on IP PBXs, hybrid PBXs, media servers and VoIP gateways.