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Unified Communications Topics

Understanding UC

Understanding unified communications demands a firms grip on the technology, as well as a solid grasp of the many unified communications solutions, unified communications vendors and unified communications services available in the UC marketplace today. In this section, communications managers will find the general resources they need to develop a strong unified communications strategy and make sure they propose UC solutions, platforms and products that meet the business and ROI expectations of their enterprise. More about Understanding UC

Implementing UC

Successfully implementing unified communications and managing it depends on first building a solid infrastructure to support your unified communications solutions, then having a solid strategy in place to manage UC application performance and troubleshoot UC hardware and software problems. Learn how to implement unified communications systems and deal with the challenges unified communications solutions present, like security, interoperability and standards adherence, compatibility and adoption. More about Implementing UC

IP Telephony

The next generation of enterprise communications depends on reliable, converged voice and data networks to reach its potential. Whether you're considering IP telephony deployment or troubleshooting quality issues before a unified communications installation, this section provides a wealth of resources on cost issues, IP telephony products and systems, network planning and testing, VoIP protocols, implementation help, QoS and security issues. More about IP Telephony

Collaboration Applications for UC

Collaboration applications for unified communications are the interfaces and systems that can greatly improve productivity and maximize IT assets by allowing employees to have a seamless work experience, no matter what the IT infrastructure, device or location. Learn about collaboration software and collaborative applications such as video conferencing, telepresence and mobile unified communications, as well as unified communications application integration with mission-critical enterprise applications and call centers. More about Collaboration Applications for UC