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Here's a fast reference to our resources on networking and information technology training. You can find information on wireless technologies, networking certifications, routers, VoIP and more. If you know of a topic we should add here, please send us a note!

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Crash Courses provide a quick route up the learning curve, covering the latest networking trends as well as tried-and-true technologies.

Crash Course: Routers
Need a quick knowledge fix on routers? View our technical tips and advice on router basics, so you can get your hardware up and configured in no time.

Crash Course: Advanced routers
Think you know your way around a router? Then this advanced crash course is for you. Learn the best techniques for configuring and managing your routers while ensuring their security.

Crash Course: VLANs
VLANs allow you to create flexible, secure groupings of users based on job function or group membership, rather than physical location. Learn how and where to use them.

Crash Course: VPNs
The VPN is one of the networking pro's most valuable tools for increasing network flexibility and providing user access. Learn about them fast in our Crash Course.

Crash Course: SSL VPNs
A growing number of companies see SSL VPNs as a simpler, cheaper way to give mobile workers remote access to corporate data. Find out if one is right for your network.

Crash Course: OSI Model
The OSI model is the conceptual backbone of most enterprise networks, but how well do you understand it? Read our rundown of the OSI model and what all those layers do.

Crash Course: Certifications
Whether you're just starting out or a networking veteran, certifications are bound to be a part of your professional development. But which one is right for you? Our Crash Course can help you decide.

Crash Course: Firewalls
Firewalls aren't as simple as they used to be. Use our Crash Course to learn the latest and make sure your firewall is right for your network.

Crash Course: Protocol analysis
Analyzing your network is essential to keep it running smoothly and safely. This collection of articles shows you the ins and outs.

Crash Course: VoIP
Voice over IP has moved beyond technology hype and is quickly shifting into the mainstream. These resources will assist you in determining your organization's approach to convergence.

Crash Course: Windows networking
Love it or hate it, part of every net admin's job is making your infrastructure work with Microsoft software. We've assembled our best tips and tricks to make your job easier.

Crash Course: Bluetooth
This Crash Course will pump up your Bluetooth know-how quickly. You'll find information on what it is, how it's used, and where it fits into the world of wireless.

Crash Course: CDMA, TDMA and GSM
We hear lots about CDMA, but do you know the scoop on GSM and TDMA? Check out our resources on these technologies and learn more.

Crash Course: Wireless standards and protocols
If your head is spinning with the ever-evolving and new wireless standards and protocols, then let us help. This Crash Course cover the basics and presents excellent resources to help you keep up to date.

Crash Course: WLANS
Wireless networks are evolving at a rapid clip. Keeping up with security issues and standards can be challenging. This Crash Course presents comprehensive wireless LAN news, expert advice, tips and white papers.


Learning Guides are compilations of technical tips, expert advice, featured articles, webcasts, white papers and original content centered around an industry trend or ongoing challenge that is of interest to our site members and visitors.

Guide to network administration
We polled our readers about their most common tasks to find out what the heart and soul of network administration consists of on a daily basis. Here we've outlined the main topics and offer our best information in each area.

Guide to network security
This guide introduces you to the main components in whole network security. You'll find articles, tutorials, tips, tools, white papers and more to pump up your network security quickly.

Guide to network performance management
This guide introduces you to the best practices and pitfalls to avoid, and provides troubleshooting help and advice for monitoring and maintaining your network.

Guide to LAN administration
This guide will help you with each step and responsibility related to LAN administration. Refer back to it often when you have questions or need advice in each specific area.

Guide to wireless technology
Don't get tangled up in wireless. Take it step by step instead. In this Learning Guide, you'll start with the basics and lead up slowly to the complex.

Guide to wireless security
Check out this guide for all the information and tools you'll need to get up to speed on wireless security.

Guide to 802.11
802.11 is perhaps the fastest-changing network protocol around. We've gathered a wealth of information to get you up-to-speed quickly on the various specifications.

Guide to Internet Protocol
This 10 part series covers all you need to know about IP.

Guide to networking certifications
Learn how to begin on a specific certification path or brush up on the numerous networking certs that are available.

Guide to penetration testing
This series explores penetration testing, an ethical hacking technique, to help security professionals evaluate the effectiveness of information security measures within their organizations.

Firewall Resource Guide
Firewalls are an essential tool in protecting your network from various threats. This guide is a compilation of resources that explain what firewalls are, how they work, vulnerabilities, troubleshooting, configurations and more.

Bluetooth Learning Guide
This guide explains what Bluetooth is, how it's used, and where it fits into the world of wireless.

Learning Guide: SIP
In this Learning Guide, you'll find out what SIP is, how it works, which applications are SIP friendly, what compatibility and interoperability issues surround SIP and more.

Learning Guide: VoIP
This guide presents VoIP articles, tutorials, examples, tips, tools, white papers, expert advice and more to pump up your VoIP know-how quickly.

VoIP Security Resource Guide
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) implementations are becoming more common and keeping it secure is no easy task. This guide is a compilation of resources that review the importance of VoIP security, protocols and standards, LAN security, vulnerabilities, troubleshooting and threats.

Wireless Learning Guide
Don't get tangled up in wireless. Take it step by step instead. In this Learning Guide, we walk you through the basics and lead you up slowly to the complex.

802.11 Learning Guide
802.11 is perhaps the fastest-changing network protocol around. We've gathered a wealth of information to get you up-to-speed quickly on the various specifications.


Fast Guides and FastFacts provide on-the-go networking professionals with a quick technological overview of a trend.

FastFacts on TCP/IP
Learn the language of the Internet, TCP/IP, with these fast facts. You'll be fluent in no time.

FastFacts on IPsec
Get up to speed on IPsec and what it can do for your network with these facts and informative resources.

FastFacts on patch management
These resources will help you better understand patch management in a flash.

FastFacts on MIMO
This installment of FastFacts gives you the rundown on MIMO technology.

FastFacts on Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet provides a data rate of 1 billion bits per second. You can learn all about it in about the same time with this installment of FastFacts.

FastFacts on network documentation
Swiftly learn all you need to know about network documentation and be back at work before you know it.

Fast Guide: 802.11 security
Need a quick study on all things 802.11 security? You've come to the right place. Check out the wealth of resources presented in this fast guide.

802.xx Fast Reference: Guide to 802.11, wireless standards, WLANs, WiMax
This table identifies 802.xx specifications and provides definitions for WLAN, WiMax, Wi-Fi and related terminology.


LearnIT series serve as introductions to new, evolving or simply confusing networking topics. These step-by-step guides are useful to project managers, senior non-IT managers, business owners and networking professionals who need to familiarize themselves with a new topic. LearnIT series are produced in association with

Learn IT: Virtual LANs
Learn about VLANs, from what they are to what they do and more, in this informative learning guide.

LearnIT: IPv6
This LearnIT series provides you information about IPv6 -- including information on enhancements over IPv4, migration and cost factors.

LearnIT: VoIP basics
This guide provides an overview of voice over IP -- the standards, regulations, preparing your network, and more.

LearnIT: Defeating spam in the enterprise
Learn the history of spam and what you can do to eradicate it from your organization.

LearnIT: How spam affects e-mail marketing campaigns
Learn how spam affects e-mail marketing campaigns.

LearnIT in 10 easy steps: VoIP
Learn VoIP basics and terminology.

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