The ultimate guide to telepresence solutions

The ultimate guide to telepresence solutions

Ever since desktop video-conferencing software became available, this technology has changed the way professionals conduct meetings. As with any new technology, experts immediately went to work to improve on the original concept and have now developed telepresence, the highest possible level of videotelephony available.

This guide covers the history, background and development of telepresence technology, along with the issues of enterprise security concerns and interoperability needs. It also offers informative information on market leaders, and telepresence trends.

Table of contents:

Telepresence 101

Telepresence has been adopted faster than any other enterprise conferencing technology. Because it is both complex and unavoidable in the enterprise, a solid foundation of knowledge on its creation is key.

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Telepresence interoperability

When shopping for telepresence vendors, interoperability is on everybody's list as a desirable product quality. This is because enterprises prefer consolidation and tend to shy away from vendors who don't offer integrated services and products.

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Telepresence trends

As technology continues to advance, the marketplace has received waves of conferencing innovations. Enterprise telepresence adoption trends started with desktop- and then room-based products, and now have moved on to modern-day telepresence.

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Telepresence vendors

When video conferencing and telepresence became available, different vendors began striving for market dominance. Some top players now include Cisco, Apple, Polycom and HP.

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Telepresence security

The head honchos and executives of the world don't invest in telepresence technology and rooms to discuss their day, hobbies or favorite colors. They use this advanced equipment to discuss the private inner-workings of their companies. This means customers need assurance that their meetings are extremely secure. Enterprises, therefore, need to look for vendors that make telepresence and video-conferencing security a top priority.

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Telepresence and mobile hardware videos

Our video collection includes leadership expert Dr. Stephen R. Covey addressing an audience of leading CIOs at the CIO 100 Symposium through a new model for telepresence-enabled lecture services.

Useful definitions

Check out some useful definitions to help better understand telepresence technology.